Anthroposophy offers a path of moral and self development which nurtures the faculties of thought & feeling needed to experience the reality of the spiritual world. The Youth Section is a community which offers the possibility for this inner experience to become alive in each of us. The fruits of Anthroposophy are great & varied, so this is reflected in our spiritual scientific research below in the hope that at least one topic speaks to your individual path (if not we are continuously expanding these all the time).
The shared videos are all shorted so please Get in touch if you would like a full version

The Youth Section

See some of the research on the youth section itself; its origins purpose and everything in-between!

History Of Anthroposophy

Youth section members have put together some of their own research on the history of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner himself.


Detailed presentation on Eurythmy; its origins and meaning

Meaningful Meetings

An initiative started by some of the youth section members which approaches the question of how to create meaningful and long lasting friendship through a balance of listening and contributing. You can find out more here or Get in touch!

Goethean Psychology

A detailed presentation with exercises on the lesser know topic of Goethean psychology

How Can Mankind Find Christ Again

A moving presentation on how we can find the Christ again in this day and age, given by a Christian Community priest

Threefold Social Order

Research On the threefold Social order can be found here. A topic more important than ever in our current times


Shared knowledge surrounding the massive and ever more relevant topic of medicine and what Steiner brought to us in this field


Research surround the topic of initiation and the initiate including fables such as Parzival


Shared knowledge of the endangered art of anthroposophical nursing, where it comes from and how to care for another human being when they are most in need.

Spirit Of Water

A wonderful insight into the spirit of water, the element of life. With experiments which reveal more of the true nature and spirit of water, beyond the substance that we see everyday.


Waldorf Education Renewal - raising children to be free thinkers
Goetheanum - Anthroposophy living within architecture,
Meditation (to be elaborated)
Breathing exercises for healing & orthotropic medicine
Eurthmy Therapy
Death - what does Anthroposophy have to say?
Steiner's 6 basic exercises for spiritual development - an explanation of each and our individual living experiences of the practices
Lockdown - a crisis of human freedom from an Anthroposophical perspective

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