Our Meetings

Where the community and being of the youth section is built and nurtured. Everyone is welcome
Every Wednesday, members of the Youth Section get together to build friendships between each other. This is a great opportunity to welcome new members into the group, but also a place to deepen the friendships within the youth section, proving the foundation for our exploration of Anthroposophy together. Occasionally this will be switched with the Saturday meetings.
Each Saturday, we are treated to enlightening presentations from fellow youth section members as well as guest speakers. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn from each others research and insight. This may be vocational or simply a sharing of personal research. Most meetings are recorded and some will be shared here. Occasionally this will be switched with the Wednesday meetings.
There are also some extra events from time to time such as a youth section study group which is organized on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
You can keep up to date with all our Events by Joining our Telegram Chat. Alternatively you can get in touch and request for meeting links to be emailed to you.