Youth Section Conference summer 2021

The Youth Section of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain and Ireland reformed over zoom in 2020 due to lockdown restrictions preventing in-person meetings. This new impulse has gained momentum and we have been longing to meet face to face to really strengthen the bonds we have formed over zoom, which is the main impulse underlying our conference. We feel in-person discussions of spiritual science and anthroposophy can be much more fruitful and help us to form true friendships on our journey exploring these themes and questions. The Life Science Centre gives us the facilities to host meaningful and inspiring discussions and workshops while being immersed in nature and spending a lot of time with each other socialising, learning new things, and singing around the campfire!

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Activities/Program Overview

We have a range of things planned from talks and discussions to singing and movement with eurythmy. We will also be doing various workshops and spending a lot of time getting to know each other and building up the social substance of the youth section. Topics will range from goetheanism, the seven metals and planets, what it means to be a youth today and other themes which inspire and challenge us. We will release a detailed programme closer to the time. 


The address of the conference is:
The Life Science Trust (Pishwanton Project)
Quince Cottage
4 Baxtersyke,
EH41  4PL
UK Public transport from Edinburgh will get you to Gifford, Haddington - the nearest local village from where we can maybe arrange car pick ups or walk (1 hour). There is more information about specific busses and transport options on the Life Science Centre’s website:


We will be camping on the grounds of the wonderful Life Science Centre
( belonging to the Ruskin Mill Trust. Situated in the beautiful Pishwanton woods 40 minutes south east of Edinburgh, we will be immersed in nature and interesting architecture. 

Things To Bring

Everyone will need to bring their own sleeping things (sleeping bag, mat etc.). Tents can be shared, so this can be discussed within the group to arrange who needs to bring what sized tents.


We will be catering for ourselves, meaning we will keep things simple and healthy! We will try to get local, organic and biodynamic supplies where possible, and should be able to cater to diets!


We are asking people to contribute £80 to cover the food, as Ruskin Mill Trust is very kindly allowing us to stay at no cost. We will arrange payments after registration. If you are unable to afford this, or are struggling with costs travelling to/from the conference please contact us and we can explore other possibilities; nobody should feel like they cannot attend due to insufficient funds.