The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.

-Rudolf Steiner

building community in a time of need

The Youth Section of the UK Anthroposophical Society is founded upon Anthroposophy; the wisdom of Man which was brought by Rudolf Steiner. At the Christmas foundation meeting in 1924, Rudolf Steiner re-founded the Anthroposophical Society with himself at the head of it and created a particular place for young people within it. The only condition to be part of this Youth Section was: 'to be truly young in the sense that one is young when one's youthful soul is filled with all the impulses of the present time.' We offer an open space for any young person to share and develop their inner striving.

The current members of the Youth Section have expressed two central impulses born from the present time we live in, these are: close friendship and the exploration of Anthroposophy. The barriers to forming deeper friendship are great, especially when lockdowns are causing sustained social isolation. Yet, by striving to build bridges to each other we can grow a life-giving space of genuine care and warmth. We believe that when Anthroposophy is shared into such a space, it can be truly brought alive as a living experience.

More about Anthroposophy

While Anthroposophy encompasses elements of philosophy, art, science and religion, it transcends all through ‘spiritual science’. This is the objective study of the spiritual world, extending beyond the boundaries of nature science requiring greater precision and rigor.

The worldwide Anthroposophical Society has its center at the Goetheanum in Switzerland which hosts the ‘School of Spiritual Science’. There are eleven research and networking ‘Sections’ including: Agriculture, Visual Arts, Education, Humanities, Mathematics & Astronomy, Medicine, Natural Science, Performing Arts, Social Sciences & Economics, and Youth – that’s us!

Steiner emphasised that spiritual experience gained from this research must be applicable to practical life. We share the Youth Section’s research here. Words can only point towards the truth and transformative power of spiritual science and our wish is that each young person may experience this. Our research page offers a glimpse of these experiences and we hope one category may speak to your individual calling or interests such that you join our community.